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‘’Hotel Tiflisi’’ is in southern Georgia, 205km from Tbilisi. It is located in the center of Aklatsikhe city. A 10 minute walk from the most important historical and cultural monument Akhaltsikhe (Rabati) castle. Hotel Tiflisi is wonderful place for family vacation, business meetings and corporate evenings.

Hotel Tiflisi offers 23 high class comfortable and modern rooms. Our purpose is that, guest feel comfortable and safe.

Castel of Akhaltsikhe (Rabati Castel)

About Samtske-javakheti

Samtskhe-Javakheti, is a region in southern Georgia, formed from the historical provinces of Meskheti (Samtskhe), Javakheti and Tori (Borjomi gorge). The capital and biggest town of Samtskhe-Javakheti is Akhaltsikhe, that means ‘New Castle’ in Georgian. Samtskhe-Javakheti was part of Tao-Klarjeti. It is a mountainous region, bordered by the Arsiani Mountains to the west and the Persati Mountains to the north. The landscape is extremely varied from beautiful lakes and swift flowing rivers to the alpine forests and high mountain meadows around Borjomi and Bakuriani and the bare volcanic canyons of the Vardzia area. Akhaltsikhe is famous of Rabati castle, It was celebrated for its ethnic and religious diversity and tolerance, in a frontier area where different empires, kingdoms and peoples met. Rabati today still has Georgian Orthodox, Armenian Apostolic and Catholic churches, a synagogue and a mosque. From Here you can either continue your way to Vardzia or visit Abastumani resort and then across Goderdzi pass to Adjara.

Castel of Akhaltsikhe (Rabati Castel)
Sapara Monastery
The Vardzia Cave complex is one of the most important and impressive historic monuments in Georgia. There were once over 3000 caves that could accommodate up to 50,000 people at a time incorporating living quarters, barns, wine storing cellars, stables, drugstores, and libraries. On the way to Vardzia you can see lots of interesting places, for example, Shoreti and Saro in Aspindza. After Vardzia you can visit Javakheti pleatau, its big lakes as well as impressive Tabatskuri lake. A visit to the impressive Atskuri and Tmogvi fortresses, the Chule St. George Monastery and Cathedral, and the pink-stoned Timotesubani, a medieval monastery complex, is well worthwhile for their beauty, sophisticated architecture and design and historical significance. The climate in this inland region is relatively cool and dry. Winters are cold with the average temperature in January ranging between 0°C and -7°C depending on altitude, while the average temperature in July varies between 16 °C and 20°C. We can talk about sights of Samthskhe –javakheti Region over and over, as it region boasts a multiple remarkable places.